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"Nature is very complex to think about, and probably more complex than we can think . . . "

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Green Writing Information working paper

Why the Green Movement represents peaceful revolution from below - -


Choose your role models wisely - - Question Authority Rigorously.

I'm now required by finances and duty bound to advertise here. Unlike my previous Green Information web site, this web site does contain my private business links.

My thrust remains as in the past, unveiling ideologies as reifications. I suppose ISIS should prove my point.


I'm not a scientist - - I'm a Green.

"I'm not a scientist. I can figure out that the Earth has a major change due while hundreds of millions of fires burn green trees daily; while green old-growth forests become timber; while green rain forests burn daily, while 6 percent of humanity's richest population consumes 40 percent of its resources, daily. My reason serves well enough, it infers global warming from obvious human life-styles, thank you. I use my reason, science not required." Anonymous

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Green Information

Frequently Asked Green Information Questions

Green information serves ecology, sustainability, grassroots democracy, and social justice in the home, community, nation, planet. Ultimately, Green Information supports accountability at individual, group, and institutional levels.

A Wizard's Tale

". . . . not having more time" to learn more; for "It is what we learn after we really know it all that counts." Anonymous

Greens need to write in the first person, take responsibility for their words, acts, and deeds. Greens understand the importance of increasing their green skills, abilities and knowledge, for ecological knowledge however possible. It's about defending your Mother Earth from earth thrashers - "ET's."

I neglect to use the word peace and I take responsibility for doing so. I make no excuses. I explain my lapse of care to the low density of this word. As I acquired American English peace remained a low density term in my social circles, including public schools.

See below for a quick summary of Green Information's origins and history. What makes this Green Information different?

Send an Email to the 7th Generation

If I could send an email to the 7th generation, I would. I would expect at least this much from others in their 6th decade.

7th Generation, beware, governments lie and corporations have one mission, capital accumulation. Beware.


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I take responsibility for what I write and what I do. I regret not following a greener life-style; time versus life-style becomes an economic issue in my case. I apologies to the 7th generation for my hypocritical position. Life passes quickly. Do what you can for your Mother Earth.

Eddie Evans, me, wrote most of the narrative for this web site while quoting authorities in their field. I do so in defense of Mother Earth.

I paraphrase.

I promote my preferences for ecological living and wild nature over against humanist ideologies that project human control of nature. I create no division between social ecology and deep ecology, except for critical thinking, green information. There you have it, my slant on life and our wonderful planet.


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Green Information Narrative




This means that Greens believe peace between individuals, groups, and nations has a place on the earth. Peace through these "four legs" of the Green Movement requires that each share equal standing in our short-term and long-term thinking and life-styles.

As a green web site it has a connection to the International Green Movement (IGM); this web site has no connection to any Green Party whatsoever. It's an information matter. There's not point in duplicating the Green Party's activities, although this writer wishes them well, wherever their Green Party may dwell.

Here I, Eddie Evans, write about matters directly related to the fate of the earth and species-populations*. This Green Information web site identifies itself as Green Information to place a focus on the wide philosophy of Green Information as it appears to date.


Defining Green Information

I define green information as information related to ecology appearing in science, philosophy, social affairs, and any information or conditions I choose to define as green.

You may simply do the same if it suits your fancy to create a personal philosophy. I recommend two of Aldous Huxley's novels, Brave New World and Island.

Students will benefit greatly with a close reading and demanding comparison and contrast of these two Huxley stories. We find a high tech society bending the human being to its needs in Brave New World and human being living among one another and their environment in harmony.

In both stories we find the role of technology internally and externally directing human development.

In this way I make it clear that I have no more standing to define green information than anyone else, other than owning this green information web site. It's another job, and somebody has to do it.

I consider that a species-population consists of those number of a species capable of safely reproducing their reproductive numbers for the next 10 thousands years in the wild. Judging by the past 20 years, anything beyond 10 years remains wishful thinking on my part. Then there's the humanist in me.

It seems to me that the meaning of ecology will have a hollow meaning in a short while. Ecology means the study of living organisms in relation to one another and the inanimate environment. (Ernest Heinrich Haeckel coined the term). As such ecology developed into a scientific method for understanding the relationships between organisms and the environment.

If were were to seek the greatest common denominator shared by greens, we would find that ecology serves Greens as their common link to one another and the Earth. Combining ecology with social dynamics gives us a social ecology. Social ecologists ave simplified their approach to living in harmony with Earth: either live in harmony with nature and one another or destroy both.

I would argue with deep ecologists over the sense of keeping something like the ebola virus around. I have in this interest created an ebola cleanup web page for business and green politics. Besides, there's the pragmatic reason of helping people understand the threat of ebola to our specie's well being. Just the same, I agree that we know too little about ecology to dispense with any one species.


I sound like I write as a pragmatist, and at this point of time I try to do so. Pragmatism is the dominant philosophy of the US, if it passes as a philosophy. That's no reason to dispense with any species, except at this moment we have a projection for destroying species-populations in the wild within 50 years. Perhaps not all, some like ebola will remain.

So if I could, I might take on a god-like character and dispense with this killer virus. Only because its outcomes pose such a great threat to my own species and those species near me would I press the kill button on ebola. I believe this is how a deep ecologist might view valuing a species, by it nearness to homo-sapiens.

How do you value a species-population? Did you know that you cannot save a species by placing individual species members in cages, zoos? It true. Once a species-population's habitat disappears it's extinct. At least for purposes of returning it to the wild.

Green information offers more reasoning in the above vain and others. Other Green Information topics will include social ecology, ecofeminism, and bioregionalism.

We now witness the spread of bioregionalism by nature's own course. In the United States, Central and South America, Australia, and elsewhere we witness bioregions develop by their sustainable characteristics for various species.

At one time rain forest species prevailed in parts of the Philippines. As those rain forest disappear, as in South America, indigenous species-population in the wild leave or become extinct. Others move in to take advantage of the new, yet impoverished environment. Green information has a duty to report on these migrations.


I have one volunteer offering to work on Green Information, which I welcome. Green information needs so much more to share. All areas of human conduct need green information. Art, religion, social affairs, science, and philosophy have a place for a new and growing green information source of information.

How might our information serve art, we might ask? If we agree to allow the finest art, poetry through the green information portal, then we see how students might ferret out relevant ecological information from Shakespeare, for one. The list becomes endless in the name of building an ecology of poetry. We have social ecology in more than one practice, than why not other ecologies in use?

By thinking ecologically, relationships in nature, we learn to seek out relationships elsewhere, like the human mind, for one. In fact, in which ways has our human ecological being played a role in the development of mind, self, and society?

Writing in this mode must give readers the impression that I go too far. I do seek to construct a reality with the human body similar to that of ecology. In truth I do. That's what human beings do. We construct realities. We than share our reality with others. To the extent others agree with our reality gives our reality a role in socialization of others. Greens have an inherent duty to act in good faith in these matters. Bad faith promises misunderstanding, not educational information.

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Green Reification

The international movement against nuclear arms and nuclear energy production helped to raise social awareness. This awareness crossed borders and ideologies; surely the horror of nuclear weapons and nuclear waste in the name of ideology cannot stand against reason, but they continue to do so.

The threat of mass annihilation of life on earth by powerful white men in charge of nuclear weapons struck many thinkers as an unwelcome threat to the human species as well as life on earth, in general.

A social awareness made possible by mass media, public education, and social activists gave rise to the German Green Party; this party had gone through the conflicts so common to small group politics. It had one wing with a fundamentalist bent to remain opposed solely to nuclear science, period. It wanted focus on the greatest threat to earth.

Other German activists pointed to the ecology crisis and wished to create a Green Party. After all, green became the greatest color reflected in the human visual spectrum. It made sense to honor a German political party with the color of life on earth, green; hence, the Green Party arose through the efforts of a united group of anti-nuclear and peace activists.

This political group emergence now called the Green Party worldwide created the first political and ecological reification. It soon became obvious that no single ideology or combination of ideology could or would bind this movement. Ecology as the study of life's relationships held the key to life's future and humanity's place o earth. An articulation of the social, economic, political, and economic ideas and systems entwining humanity's ecological relationship remained t follow.

If you wonder what this strange word, reification, means it means to create a thing, an idea, and object of the human consciousness. Not unlike the Sun God of Egypt, Pharos, the Green Party undertook to cause a thing to appear to the human mind through consensus of its existence, not unlike any local or national borders. The idea of Egypt, as a matter of fact, is a reification.

So what does this mean for ecology and human anatomy and physiology? It means what we might guess, we reify our reality with words, ideas, our consciousness. An ecology niche, a bioregion, and even a climate pattern exist to use as human agreed upon reifications, consensus building of a thing, a gesture, symbol, a significant symbol.

More than ever before in history has humanity reached a point threatening its existence and certainly the existence of mammalian species worldwide.

Obviously, global warming as well as nuclear war and melt downs pose such threats. Global warming had yet to become a popular idea until it began to appear in Scientific American in the 1970s and other venues; some of us suspected, hypothesized, catastrophic changes for future generations based on the growing number of internal combustion engines on earth.

Increases in noxious gas pollution, plastic pollution, and damage to critical habitat buttressed these unclear, yet forming notions.

Paraphrasing Berry Commoner

"Nature is probably more complex than we can think," and this notion of reification might give us pause before we continue this enormous technological experiment on the only planet size reification we have below our feet, earth.

Green information of this sort tells us that we need to work hard and convince people about the seriousness of our situation. Humanity allowed the Nazi Party to destroy millions of lives and set science back to far to estimate.


Our Situation

The great problem of our situation has hubris and ignorance fanning the fires of nature's dist ruction. As Greens seek to inform others they run up the "Chick Little" response. After all, but for attention to social affairs and environment decay worldwide, Greens would have as much awareness as the person in the street.

Now, the sky is not falling, but interestingly, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, a trusty worthy government supported program) found that we have altered the earth's gravitational pull over the Arctic. It turns out that by melting the Arctic's ice we reduce its density; by reducing its density the moon no longer pulls as strongly on the northern hemisphere.

That's doing something monumental. Now, I must ask my species, "Humanity, what other experiments do you intend to perform on this planet". If you begin to believe that green information deals with science fiction, it does not. It does deal with hypothetical thinking, which leads me to this, what other unseen and unforeseeable conditions will we create with global warming, deforestation, and using deserts to grow rice?


A Green Wizard's Tale

A wise wizard once said to me that as much as he had studied nature and its many intricacies, he could never hope to readily recall what he had learned. He discovered that nature is very complex to think about and probably more complex than he could ever hope to think.

He seemed satisfied that nature shared enough. His great store of knowledge remained somewhere in his mind, he surmised. He had no regrets for his path to learning nature's powers and mysteries; his only regret he would carry to his grave. And that was "not having more time" to learn more; for "It is what we learn after we really know it all that counts." Anonymous (return)

Ernest Heinrich Haeckel - Haeckel serves history as a controversial historical character. Although he earned a medical degree from the University of Berlin, his interest grew in botany. Later in life he would explore marine biology. Haeckel met Darwin and did some leading work on sexual selection.

"Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" became a popular phrase that he also popularized; seemingly valid at the time, it interests few biologists today and probably fewer ecologists. He overemphasized the recapitulation of developing embryos as likenesses of vertebrates in general; they do diverge from a strict recapitulation.

Still, his belief that psychology has its roots in physiology finds many supporters in psychology today. "Mind became a player in evolution as a result," he would agree.


Page Glossary

Green Information provides a page glossary found at the bottom of each page. In the future a glossary attached to each term defined will appear.

Green Information's Origins and History

I first wrote Green Information in 1997 out of frustration with industrial society's genocide against species-populations in the wild, not to mention wars. Nuclear holocaust remained a real threat as it remains. So I needed a theme and the Green Movement gave me that theme. It also opened up wider views and tools for critical thinking enhancement.

Green Information soon began as a genuine task for a middle-aged high school dropout ( I left high school teaching from culture shock ). I also found that writing and thinking around this theme of Green Information's allowed me to justify continuing to study science, humanities, and social sciences. I experienced no guilt in this mind healing task. In short, I was working to save Mother Earth and all of her children from the Military-Industrial-Corporate-State.

Time passed and sometime in the early 2000's my host dumped Green Information because I neglected to pay for hosting. At that time my host did not allow for multiple years of hosting. I placed Green Information at risk, a poor move.

I became so involved in earning a living as a professional cleaner in a number of fields that my web sites went unattended. And that's how I lost hundreds of hours of work. Now I'm back for the same reasons I started Green Information in 1997. Only this time I have much less life left to making Green Information a truly valuable resource for young greens. In this way I failed at my initial task to help save Green Information for Mother Earth and all of her children. Now I must atone as best a possible.

I lost my green information dot com domain, but fortunately I later bought this green information dot org domain. This green information has two host accounts. I hope to make it worth of the Green Movement. (return)

*Species-Populations - A species-population consists of those number of reproductive individuals in the wild. Their numbers allow them to find one another to reproduce viable (reproductive) offspring in the wild. (return)

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What makes this Green Information different?

I refused to use my first Green Information web site serve my personal business interests. That seem too vulgar. Even though Green Information recognizes the importance of free enterprise in a green society, I promoted thinking globally while not truly acting locally. In my case it meant using Green Information to promote my own business interest, but wisely in the spirit of the Green Movement. So I lost it.

Now I know better. Green Information must enhance free enterprise in defense of Mother Earth; to do otherwise creates worthless bureaucracies and big bosses.

Greens need to follow the logic of ecology, not ideology. Also promoting sustainable business climates friendly to local ecological needs must follow. I will have a green information page on water, for example. This page will lay out water usage ecologically to benefit wild habitat while preserving the needs of a green society.

In no case will green consensus accept damage to species-populations habitat for entrepreneurial purposes.

In no case will consensus accept corporate capital outside the 7th generation's future prospects for long-term survival in the wild.

In no way does a green society use green information for the sake of unsustainable corporate growth or capital over against species-populations' habitat. We use resources for the benefit of the 7th generation. This way we have a grasp over our actions before putting our minds' work to theory or practice.


Why it's revolutionary - -

Most often we think of this term revolution in the context of a violent overthrow of governments, kings, and consumer products. A green revolution does not overthrow governments, kings, oligarchs, or consumer goods.

In fact, a green revolution grows parallel to governments, not instead of government.

As governments continue their cronyism and environmental crimes against future generations, human and nonhuman, the green movement must grow.

Here's an example from the crime world. Around 9,000 to 10,000 years ago humanity created surplus food as the agrarian revolution overturned top soil.

Eventually hierarchies grew to defend this surplus food and to control it. Along side these controlling and emerging empires with their surplus food, came surplus populations of hungry people.

In turn these people sought to overthrow the ruling elite -- ruling class, if you prefer. Soon, what we call "gangsters" became the ruling class. They in turn faced the same problem as their predecessors.

With the green movement there's no attempt to waste time and energy overthrowing what we know as wasteful social structures. We find examples of these is capitalism, socialist, and communist societies. There's always someone telling us when and how we must create more surplus wealth for them.

Greens do not profess a libertarian world view, but in some ways it does reflect the idea that people would do better by leaving others alone.

The Green Movement has an unspoken agenda, live ecologically for the benefit of the 7th generation to come. This approach helps to counter those of us interested in spoiling the commons for personal gain or ideological beliefs.

Here's a few examples of how a green society shuffles around ethics and morality:

  1. Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you. (no stoning, no stealing, no polluting)
  2. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. (scratch my back and I scratch yours)
  3. Live as if your behavior were to become universal (everywhere by everyone) now and in future generations.
  4. What do you want for humanity and this planet?








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