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Environmental Imperialism

Environmental imperialism has its own definitions. Classical definitions of imperialism come out of colonialism's histories, but they'll leave us a bit in the dark here.

Trying to write out a formula approach to such a definition for green information seems arrogant for an armature political ecology writer.

So the best approach it seems, use definitions by example. My first example should leave no doubt about the meaning of environmental imperialism. One picture does more than we could hope for clarity.

Also, we learn about learn about environmental feedback loops crossing paths as two catastropic environmental events gain synergy. At least it's not a perfect storm for life, yet.

Shamefully, the United States government not only perpetrated an act of environmental terrorism on the Marshal Islands with nuclear weapons, it left the consequences for untold generations to come. It may represent genocide in terms environmental imperialism cannot fully explain. And what shall we learn of the "Soviet Unions" adventures with nuclear weapons on life's planet?

Climate Change: Marshall Islands - - a U.S. Nuclear Waste Dump Now Is in Danger of Rising Sea

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