Green_Writing_Information_box I'm rewarded by those young readers intent on ruthlessly criticising writing wherever it appears, especially my writing. Style, content, and intended outcomes shall unveil authentic Green information from consumerist propaganda. Let's play this worldwide word game to liberate Mother Earth and her children from those content with a meaningless future.  


In this eassay on Green Writing I take priviles by butting in while trying to follow my theme. I attempt do my own criticism, self-criticism. This mindfulness of my writing pays dividends.Yours can too.


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I write here for posterity, if that, because I don't sense much use of this nifty piece of electronics, Yahoo! email groups. Thank you Yahoo!
Facebook amounts to a top-down, bottom-up, linear arrangement of competing posts, none of which seem to have enough time or space to share a theme, thread. Before a subject has time to garner a reasonable number of comments, it's lost, unless the reader wants to waste time digging through the madness below.
I don't have that kind of time and would not use it, will not use it on facebook. What a waste.
I cannot see any real advantage to using facebook but for the graphics. The graphics soon become so numerous that it's impossible to find a graphic once it descends into facebook's bowels. 
Now, a forum makes much more sense; email groups make much more sense.
Am I missing something else about facebook?
Somehow, to me, facebook seems terribly narcissistic to use the common understanding of narcissistic.
I wanted to post information related to a page on writing at and could not find out where the post button was located.
Worse, the facebook for Green Information that I created less than two months ago is a quagmire of "information." Traffic tickets, come on!
If I ever have discretionary income again and time I will put up a logically categorized forum for Greens.
But for outreach purposes, I don't see facebook as a very green place.
Eddie Evans
 young readers' needs - We must by necessity write for young readers. They must make those revolutionary changes that our current generations fears.