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Obviously I'm not a professional writer. I write Internet website ranking narratives for my own business needs, which includes biohazard cleanup. Biohazard cleanup at least gave me a claim to right livelihood in the context of ecology. For a guy like me this is a big deal.

I'm always looking for help here. See below.


Our language indicts our history.



Animal Rights Speech hipon environmental issues, extinction, intrinsic value of sentinet beings and their emotions - fear, anxiety

Then there's the New York



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Greens interested in adding their own narrative to these green information pages are welcome to call me at 888-431 - 7233 (toll free - and please limit time for international calls) at any time. Then I'll give you my e-mail address. I must work this way because of all that commercial spam out there responsible for destroying their Internet that supposed to serve the public for educational purposes. At least that was its initial intent when we inherited from the military-industrial complex.

You can forward your green narrative to these pages.

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Writing for The Green Movement

Anyone claiming the green title will in some way give significant information to those areas of green philosophy known as the science of ecology, social ecology, ecofeminism, bio regionalism, and deep ecology.

I would greatly appreciate editorial help. I do much of my writing by dictating these days because of professional demands. Eddie Evans, Coyote Creek Greens

If you wonder what happened to the old version of the Internet's green information at, I lost the domain and all of its contents because I was on the road working and did not know my host would drop not only my ownership of domain registration for reading, but also my contents. All was lost. Here I am some 12 years later trying to redo the original effort, which I have little hope for duplicating. Help in this matter would be appreciated.

Even a copy of the original green information menu would do much for restoring its efforts. So it goes.

Eddie Evans, Coyote Creek Greens




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Greenpeace's environmental, cultural imperialism.

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This web site links to a conflict of interest poop cleanup page; it helps to pay for 700 web sites used to fight city and county fraud perpetrated against victims of violence families. A tiny fraction of local civil servants now monopolize the biohazard cleanup industry nationwide.