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Green_Writing_Information_box I'm rewarded by those young readers intent on ruthlessly criticising writing wherever it appears, especially my writing. Style, content, and intended outcomes shall unveil authentic Green information from consumerist propaganda. Let's play this worldwide word game to liberate Mother Earth and her children from those content with a meaningless future.  


In this eassay on Green Writing, I butt in while trying to follow my theme. I'm trying to show that how I self-criticise my writing This mindfulness of my writing pays dividends.Yours can too.(This sentence, "Yours can too, has a rewarding ambiguity if we care to think about it.)


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 A Green writing attitude helps shape writing outcomes. I remain eyes, ears, reading, and writing while seeking criticism for my writing. My goal, nothing less than the liberation of the future from mindless growth.

I ask myself, "How might I improve my Green writing for Green organizing?"

I know too that at no time in human history have so many people written so many words in such short periods of time. (Notice this 23 word sentence a bit too long.) Competition for readers' attention continues to grow among competing consumer oriented stories, "factoids." When I feel that urgency deep inside to let my thoughts grow into written words, I must remember, writing means rewriting.

I spit my words out and return to shape them. Once shaped into digestible chunks, audience in mind, I hope they join that growing Green dialogues. This Green information becomes the stuff of Green Parties tasked with education and Green information. To share Green values while helping to grow a worldwide movement and Green Parties remains an honor

To this end, I must eventually attain the following:

  • Ownership of my words
  • Focus on my audience
  • Clarity
  • Succinctness.
  • A willingness to cut, gut, my writing in the name of honoring my readers' attention.

In spite eagerness, I must prepare to change "finished work." Not many people willingly take out time for such tasks in defense of Mother Earth and her children. Greens must. We must always remain out numbered and a humanity bent on instant gratification and self-enrichment. That's a fact.

Again and again, we must ask, "Who is my audience?" An audience from  7th grade readers, to 77 year-old 7th grade level readers belong to our audiece. We don't forget our English as a Second Language audiences, either.  
In fact, you must choose at times to write for 17 year-old 7th grade readers and 77 year-old readers reading at the 7th grade level. You must keep them in mind for selective attention as the audience you choose for your Green narratives. Fuck Beverly Hills.
How many Santa Monica High School Greens and prospective Greens would trudge through our convoluted sentences? Greet them; serve them; entice them and honor them.
I'll send an analysis of your Flesh Kincade reading level for your Santa Monica article. Although it's pregnant with powerful, revealing information, it should have had revision.  Various editions of WordPefect, especially the 7th Edition (sometimes available on ebay), offer the writing analysis feature programmed to Flesh Kincade standards. (Find Flesh Kincade on Wikipedia to learn more about this mind technology.)

Remember the writing of sport writers. Combinations of short, longer, succinct sentences carries their readers along. I strive to let my readers to read rather than work. I strive to introduce new words at the rate of about 1 per 100 words. This means that out of any two average paragraphs, I allow myself to enter a new word.

We do not need to write like sport writers. "We need to remember their styles when we write," I mean to say. Hemingway carries us along with simple sentences. xyz tells a story with nifty sentences meant to entice, question, and cause examination with ambiguous interpretations. It's OK. We can leave a reader question exactly what we mean by a sentence because it has two or more means, outcomes.

It's best that our readers understand that may have been the goal of a sentence in question, not to confuse, but to cause us to contemplate.


Meanwhile, we continue to work as both a Green Movement caretakers and Green Party advocates. Our writing must expose humanity's lies, manipulation, and stories in the name of social control. We must.

Mother Earth's children do not have time for our needless procrastination. (What's wrong with needless procrastination? Right, practically a worthless redundancy.)

Redundancy in defense of Mother Earth must work; yet, our redundancies must occur with more than randomness; our redundancies must occure with a sence to remind our readers what remains at stake, the future prospects of generations to come, the 7th Generation of human and wild nature.

Consumerisms propagandists use redundancies expertly, and they should. They've had enough time to hone their craft, to become subject matter experts in mind twisting, mind numbing social control.

So we show an awareness for redundant ideas when skillfully placed -- reminders of our path from the past to an unknown future.

(Here I've gutted. Should I have gutted more before this point?).

We learn our subject matter for a more ecological outcome. Granted, we hope to influence dislocation of propaganda for social control. Some of us must spend 10 years in this quest of expertness. For all concerned, Mother Earth's children can not wait 10 more years, but that's just the way of it. We want out reading audience to heed our words, to remember our stories, and to act for the benefit of ecology worldwide and locally.

In this way our Green writing reflects our authentic subject matter expertise for the long-term survival of species-populations in the wild - - 10,000 years and more.

It's too easy to forget our writing style means the difference between readers following and readers ignoring our work.

  • Fortunately for the Greens we have a community of writers. We document many thousands of terrorist acts against Mother Earth and her children. We have something like Plato's problem, if I remember correctly.

With Plato, we wonder how he and Socrates could have known so much with such little information. With us, we wonder how we can know so little with so much information.

It's OK, too. We know that ecology remains a complex subject to think about. We know too that ecology is probably more complex than we can think. That's OK too.

If you do not already do so, you will serve as a powerful role model for people in need of knowing what's going on with their weather, their climate, their planet. Like it or not, if you promote yourself as a "Green" without showing discomfort, you become a powerful role model to younger people. You have a duty to show humility while sharing ideas.

Their ideas, not ours, grow when we help them to think about their world and their place in it. We ask them questions like the following:

  • Where do ideas come from?
  • Why do people have fences?
  • How does our drinking water reach our faucets?
  • How might we improve on urban transportation?
  • Who benefits from keeping things as they appear?
  • Do we have a duty to future generations?
  • What is "government"?

Any list of environmentally related questions may lead young people to brainstorm in the realm of Green Philosophies. Their answers soon show their ownership of a newly emerging domain of utopian issues. Their answers become the substance material for Green group work.

Young group members become comrades in defense of Mother Earth and all of her children.

You, like it or not, serve as a powerful role model for young people with our ideas, in part. Most important, your high posture presents the world of "green" to those without our ideas. We want their minds.
In all sincerity, I'm saying this as a comrade in defense of Mother Earth. Cut your sentence length dramatically. What you have for now became an easy habit. 
Your writing models might include the Los Angeles Times sports pages.
So it's important for the to experience your writing as a learning experience in writing as well as green information of value for their efforts. (Note the length of this last sentence - - )
To begin,
Your sentence length is off the chart. Not many people will actually work through your narrative unless they have a vested interest from word one.

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 young readers' needs - We must by necessity write for young readers. They must make those revolutionary changes that our current generations fears.