Palm Springs Feces Cleanup Information Narrative - Audio

Eddie Evans

Prices for Palm Springs

My typical feces cleanup charge for Palm Springs comes to $250 because I can complete work in less than one hour. If I believe that I cannot complete work within one hour, I will bring it to your attention.

For a toilet feces cleanout, see my toilet cleanout page, my prices begin at $350 to clean feces out of the toilet. In such cases the toilet has been filled or nearly filled. The toilet will not flush unless the feces is cleaned out. When I must clean more than one toilet, I may reduce the price to $500 for the two toilets are $600 to the two toilets, it depends on the overall circumstances.

Usually when customers call me it's for a one time occurrence. In cases where somebody is elderly in their losing control of their bowels, becoming more common today, they or a family member will call for my cleaning services. In cases where there's a heavy load of human feces to be cleaned after, I know before hand that would take more than one hour in some cases it is taken over two days.

Homeless feces cleanup in Palm Springs usually takes minutes. It's when somebody has literally defecated on the sidewalk next to a business or even in the front door space of a business that I complete work within one hour. In the past I have done feces cleanup related to a homeless encampment. There is a problem with private property, personal property, at homeless encampments. That is, the police have been instructed to leave the property homeless people in place. Put another way, I can no longer remove property belonging to homeless people in less certain specified conditions are met. I can however remove feces left by homeless people.

Below I have a summary of my prices for feces cleanup that includes feces cleanup and houses, apartments, condominiums, recreational vehicles, business buildings, and industrial buildings. The summarize prices include toilet feces cleanout, bathtub feces cleanout, 5 gallon pail feces cleanout, and more.

Because I do dog feces, cat feces, rat feces, mouse feces, and bird feces cleanup, I often work more than one hour at these task. Most often they take three hours and sometimes four hours. Bird cleanup task and take days when birds have moved into a abandoned warehouse with broken windows. My longest bird cleanup task took two weeks. Bird cleanup incidentally carries high risk of becoming ill as do other types of feces cleanup.

As far as becoming ill goes, the monies never enough. Diarrhea cleanup, for one, carries the highest risk for becoming ill because of hepatitis A, cholera, and more. San Diego County, at this moment has a hepatitis A epidemic and it will spread readily through human feces. You be careful if you must do your own feces cleanup work.

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What sort of circumstances can change for flat rates for Palm Springs?

  • Distance to work site,
  • Is parking available and how far from the work site?
  • Is water and electricity available?
  • What time of day can work begin?
  • Will pets be on the premises?

I prefer a one day notice.

Because of traffic congestion I prefer one day notice. This way can the early in the morning and arrived at the work site before scheduled to work. I have a 99% punctuality and I keep to this strict discipline because I leave in the middle the night. I leaving in the middle the night I avoid a lot of Palm Springs traffic as well as Los Angeles and Orange County traffic. I drive by the work site 1 to 2 hours before work begins. I then find a place to rest. And I drive to the work site several moments before work is to begin. This helps me work more restfully with less stress.

However, in certain cases I can arrive on the same day is called. It depends on how early I'm called and how far I must drive in Palm Springs traffic. It also depends on the placement of the feces and what's involved. I try to do what I can for restaurants because they have a business to run and nobody wants to be in a restaurant with feces in the doorway. But there's only so much I can do.


I asked callers to email me their name, address for the feces cleanup task, telephone number, and how and when the expect to pay. I prefer email because it allows me time to look up the address and provides a "paper trail" both myself and the calling party. When the cleanup task is completed, I can then leisurely send an invoice showing proof of payment. I do not expose my email address to the Internet because of spam

What I Include

I absorb the cost travel, time, tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals. I do not add any charges to an invoice or increased charges when I reach the scene. If I do not believe that I can complete the task in less than one hour or so, then I will let you know.


I use standard cleaning tools for horizontal and vertical surfaces. For fabrics I use microfiber towels and scrub brushes.

I have heavy duty brooms are concrete, long handled tools for's scrubbing and scraping linoleum floors and natural stone floors.


One of the reasons I ask for a short description of the cleaning task in an email so I have an idea of what equipment to bring along for the cleanup. I can always replaced and cleaning chemicals by making a quick trip to Home Depot or some other hardware store. For cleaning equipment, is not so easy. For example, I have a heavy duty floor scrubber that I use for exceptionally large feces cleanup task.

Likewise, I have a wet dry vacuum and I like to know if I'm going to need a very large vacuum or a smaller vacuum. It helps to know. I use a fog or in some instances. I've even been known to use garden hose with sprayers. There have been times when I've used a pressure washer. So equipment is important in knowing what to bring along helps mightily.


As a biohazard cleanup practitioner I know the greatest risk involved in professional cleaning are located on the local highways and freeways. I'm certain that more biohazard cleanup technicians are heard on the highway traveling to a crime scene than actually doing blood cleanup work.

It's no different in the infectious waste cleanup business. Whenever doing feces cleanup work, I know before hand that I must pay attention to what I'm doing. This means to clean thoroughly while paying attention to cross-contamination. Cross-contamination means carrying the bacteria and viruses from fecal matter onto my tools, equipment, and body. It means carrying these contaminating fecal cells into my vehicle into my home. So I pay attention and try not to cross contaminate.

I use a lot of bleach and I even do so outdoors. The problem of bleach though, for feces cleanup, is that it is very corrosive. In a closed space, too much police will literally burn the bronchial tubes and cause one to suffer coughing for one day, two days and even longer. So whenever using bleach, it's important not to use too much and use it in an open space.

Generally, the risk created by feces cleanup involve breaking a tool by scrubbing too hard in becoming jabbed by a sharp end. There's also the problem of slipping on a wet soapy floor. A fault can cause broken bones and worse.

Illness is a big problem with bird cleanup because bird feces tends become airborne to easily and we know that the human flu has its roots in bird poop.

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