Riverside County Feces Cleanup Information Narrative - Audio


Prices for XXXX

A $250 service charge for XXXX feces cleanup includes up to one hour of labor. Please understand, a task taking minutes does not qualify for a "discount." It's the service charge that you pay to have me show up; the hour of labor is a courtesy.

Also, at times, depending upon conditions, I may work over an hour without an additonal charge. Ten minutes, fifteen minutes, even twenty minutes may not rachet up my feces cleanup fee. It depend on a host of considerations, which I note below under conditions.

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What sort of circumstances can change for flat rates for XXXX?


One Day Notice for XXXX


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What I Include in XXXX Feces Cleanup Services-

  • Guarantee Price
  • Guarantee Work
  • Remove fecal matter
  • Scour - scrub and rinse soiled areas
  • Disinfect soiled areas
  • Apply Murphy's wood soap to wood soiled surfaces

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I use rubbing alcohol use on my hands, arms, shoes, your light switches, your door handles and around and other items that may be touched by the human hand. I use a good deal of rubbing alcohol in bathrooms on my way out of the house. Likewise, I use rubbing alcohol on doorknobs on my way out of your dwelling or business. Rubbing alcohol has the value of killing germs almost instantly, wide use in the medical industry, and it evaporates rather quickly. Plus, it's usually found as all my other chemicals at your XXXX Target.

Price Considerations





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