Riverside County Toilet Cleanout

Eddie Evans

Prices for Riverside County Residents and Businesses

NOTE: I do not like to change my prices when I arrive on a cleaning job. However, sometimes telephone and email descritpions fail to inpart the degree of feces cleanup required.

My $350 charge for toilet feces cleanout covers a toilet cleanout and has no service charge; please do not confuse my service charge for feces cleanup (another type of service). The two are entirely different services. Feces cleanup is for one time occurrences outside of the toilet. Feces cleanup may also be for ongoing occurrences in case of illnesses and homeless encampments.

Toilet feces cleanout is $350 and applies to toilets, period. Again, please to not confuse a toilet cleanout with my feces cleanup service charge; likewise, a bathtub cleanout applies to cleaning out human feces from a bathtub.

For $350 a will remove feces from a toilet. In those cases when the sanitary sewer, the toilets plumbing for flushing purposes, does not work, I will probably charge more to dispose of the feces.

In some cases a dwelling will have two toilets in need of feces cleanout.

Pails full of feces -

In addition, such dwellings may also have 5 gallon pails full of human feces and urine. Generally, people will want feces pails removed from the premises. If the sanitary sewer works, I will charge $25 per pail. If the sanitary sewer does not work, and I will charge $75 per pail to remove the feces in the pail.

Bathtub feces cleanout prices -

Bathtub feces cleanout may range from $10 for small amounts of feces to $900 (in-depth) for bathtubs with great quantities of feces present. Anytime that there are broken bottles or hypodermic needles, the feces cleanup for bathtubs may exceed $900.

Carpet Removal

Carpet soiled by human feces can be cut out for a small charge when cutting out the carpet soiled area means cutting out a small area of the carpet. When there's heavy soiling to a carpet over a wide area that I may charge anywhere from $100-$200 per room. Removal of the carpet includes removal of the carpet padding as well as cleaning the below floor.

Price Summary

  • $350 for one toilet cleanout
  • $500-$700 for two toilet cleanout services
  • $300-$900 and up for bathtub feces cleanout
  • $100-$200 to remove one carpet and carpet padding from one room with a of the feces soiling
  • $25 to rent the 5 gallon pail feces into the sanitary sewer
  • $75 to remove feces field pails from premises when sanitary sewer does not work
  • $10 for minor feces bathtub cleanout - includes feces soiled clothing
  • Other prices to be determined and services offered upon visual inspection of the scene.


I asked callers to email me so we have a paper trail with the responsible parties name, telephone number, address, and a short description of the problem. I also like to have a price on email, which may vary depending on the circumstances and I find when I arrived. Sometimes people do not fully comprehend and understand what they're looking at. Put another way, it's not so easily put in the words for the experience. Plus, with an email, I have a way of sending an invoice once work is completed.

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