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The Amazing Toto Toilet for Feces Cleanout




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San Bernardino County Toilet Feces Cleanout Servicxe Narrative

My name is Eddie Evans and I on this infectious waste cleanup business. I added toilet feces cleanout services to my infectious waste cleanup service soon after becoming a biohazard cleanup practitioner in the state of California. I've cleaned out many toilets. I've cleaned feces out to toilets in houses, condominiums, apartments, business buildings, and industrial buildings. My prices reflect the cost of doing business in a small profit. If I charged any less there would be no point of being in business.

Chino's toilet feces cleanout services become necessary following a toilet clogged with feces or paper refuses to flush.

Perhaps any of the following events lead to a toilet feces clogged toilet:

  • Diapers flushed into the building's sanitary sewer clog the toilet's drain pipe;
  • Building occupants use newspaper instead of toilet paper and the newspaper or other debre becomes clogged in the toilet;
  • A vacant building has its water turned off and squatters move in and use the toilet even though it doesn't flush;
  • Due to mental illness, a homes occupant fails to flush the toilet;
  • Due to mental illness, a house, apartment or condominium occupant fills a toilet as if it were a trashcan. Then it cannot be flushed.

There are a number of variations on the causes of a toilet becoming clogged. Most generally, too much toilet paper and low water pressure become the cause of the toilet feces cleanout service call. Even though a number of methods are used to cause the toilet pipes to clear, they have failed. Plumbers do not work on these toilets so long as the feces remains in the toilet bowl.

In fact, I learned to cleanout toilet bowls filled with human feces while working with a plumber. He charges $500 per toilet bowl. He lives in northern California. Most often I charge $350-$500 per toilet bowl, although I will consider reducing this price by 100 or $200 where two or more toilets are in need of toilet bowl cleanout service. Although this may seem like a lot of money for a short-term service, anyone in business will tell you that remaining in business cost a lot of money. Besides my own home upkeep, there's business insurance, vehicle insurance, biohazard cleanup insurance, janitorial insurance, and then there's the maintenance.

Because there are so few feces cleanup calls, it's hard to generate much income from this business. So yes, basically people are paying me, in part, for my down time. Otherwise, this service would not exist. I suppose we could look to the police department, fire department, or other civil service departments that offer a service on an as-needed basis. Over the years I've had other add-ons to my cleaning business is. Among these I have included power washing, carpet cleaning, natural stone polishing, hoarding cleanup, biohazard cleanup that included homicide, suicide and unattended death cleanup. For various reasons County employees took over the biohazard cleanup business across the United States. This is called cronyism and I believe it's illegal. And in no way does it slow in any way hinder their seizure of the free market for death cleanup services. Hence, I'm in the feces cleanup business.

Chino Feces Cleanup Service

What I do:

  • I arrive on time 99% of the time.
  • I remove feces if the sanitary sewer system does not work. However, I must charge additional fees for this service.
  • I scrub and rinse once soiled toilet and then disinfect.
  • I clean the surrounding floor and remove paper debris.
  • I also remove feces from bathtubs. See my below comments for more on bathtub feces cleanup.


Fees for Chino

There are number of conditions that may add to the cost of my toilet feces cleanout service. Conditions for work are always important in just about any type of work. It's especially so when it comes to feces cleanup work. There's really no need to explain why I must have running water, electricity for lights and power equipment, and room to move about five cleaning. I must also have physical security as well as security for my vehicles, tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals.

Noted above, I have a $350 base fee for the toilet feces cleanup service. Plus, were to toilets are need of feces cleanout, I may consider reducing the overall costs for the two toilets. This means quite possibly I will charge less than $700 for two toilets. However, conditions are very important and conceivably could cost $700 for two toilets if not $1000. How do we charge $1000 per cleaning feces out of the toilet or two? It's easy, depending on the overall conditions. Below I list the conditions that can add to the overall cost of a toilet feces cleanout service for XXXX:

  1. Is parking available? Parking is. Important because I need security for my vehicle, tools, equipment, and chemicals. Plus I need security for my physical safety. In some neighborhoods this is an important consideration. If I must walk a long distance to clean out a toilet, most probably am going to add an additional fee.
  2. Is water and electricity available? This is an important question because I will need electricity to run power equipment. And electricity for light. I need water to clean my tools and equipment. I also need water to help extract the feces from the toilet. Whenever water and electricity are not available, I must bring my own. I charge an additional $50 for bringing a generator to create electricity. I charge five dollars per 5 gallon bottle of water.
  3. How far is the worksite for my own business address? The farther I must drive, the more likely you will need to charge more. However I try to keep my $350 per toilet fee for Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Riverside County, and Ventura County.
  4. If I must remove feces from the scene, then I will charge additional. I must first bag and then treat the feces before removing it. I must then dispose of it. This cost me time and money as well as creating infectious waste hazards for myself and others if something goes amiss.
  5. What time of day is service to be rendered? This is important because the sooner I can begin work the better. It's better this way because I have to encounter traffic and everyone should know by now how terrible traffic is throughout the year in San Bernardino County as well as Los Angeles County. I live in Orange County. So it takes a while to get to the XXXX address. Most often I arrived at the XXXX address one or two hours before work is to begin. I do this by leaving hours early and usually I leave in the early morning hours. I prefer to drive by the XXXX address no later than 6 AM. This way I need only spend 1 to 2 hours waiting to go to work. I spend this time in a Home Depot parking lot reading or listening to the radio. I may have breakfast before hand.
  6. I consider means of payment one of my "conditions." By this I expect cash as a condition of payment. I prefer to have payment upfront, and sometimes I will require at least half down. I do this because in the past I have been cheated. And as you can imagine, being cheated in the feces cleanup business is not fun. You know already that you could not find this service for less than $1000 and most likely you were giving quotes that included a franchise service fee that led to thousands of dollars. Besides that, most likely didn't find anybody willing to provide the service. It's that way in XXXX and most of California.

Bathtub Feces Cleanup Prices - Please note, I will not clean feces from a bathtub as a "courtesy" because you chose to use my feces cleanup business service.

  • $10 for minor bathtub feces contamination.
    This means that if you asked me to clean feces out of a bathtub and it's of no great significance, which may or may not include underwear or other garments as well as paper, you can expect to spend at least $10. I will not do it for free.
  • $100-$900 for bathtub feces cleanup. Where the feces is a significant amount, meaning it's an inch or more deep, you can count on paying at least $100. Where it is a number of inches deep, expect to pay hundreds more. Where a bathtub is filled with human feces, count on spending a minimum of $900. If you pay only $900 for a toilet filled with human feces, consider yourself lucky. Other companies charde $1500 $2000.
  • I cannot quote a price for a toilet or bathtub feces cleanout that requires I extract the feces and take it with me. Not only must they do the work involved, I must make a special trip for special chemicals to treat the feces before removing it from the premises. I must then find a way of safely and properly disposing of the feces. This all costs time and money.
  • I do not remove bathtubs but I do remove toilets for an additional fee.

All too often people will expect me to clean up feces in a bathtub because them, "it's only a little bit." And besides, they say "I'm paying you $350 anyway." So the expect me to do the extra work, which is "a little" that they might've done at themselves.

Depending on overall conditions in the way I feel, I may consider cleaning out a small quantity of feces from bathtub. Then again I'm I charge an additional $10. Sometimes I'm I charge $50. It depends.

What about a bathtub that's been partially filled or filled to the drain spout? In the past I've charged anywhere from $700-$900 to drain a bathtub filled with human feces. I once trained a professional cleaner New York State to provide bathtub feces cleanout services, and honor first job she charge $2000. But this was on an enormous, antique bathtub and an old two-story building. It seems that no one else would offer the service.

I probably cleaned feces out of the bathtub of some significance half a dozen times. On my last job I did the feces cleanout for a bathtub that was used as a trash receptacle. Hypodermic needles were left in the bathtub along with human feces. I only charge $900 and this was in Sherman Oaks, California. Sometimes people with great wealth, I learned from this scene as well as others, do not know what to do with their time and soon lose control of their minds.






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Because I cannot afford to work for free, I must charge cash upfront. This work is to dirty and too costly to do for free. In short, I cannot provide welfare to individual households or businesses. I have had a number of individuals and businesses take advantage of my services in good faith conduct over the years. If I were to continue doing so, I would not be able to help those families and businesses in need of my specialized niche cleaning services.

A sanitary sewer is the largest drain pipe leading from a house or other type of building strucure. Usually a toilet's drain pipe connects to Chino or San Bernardino County sewer system treament center through this pipe network.