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Southern California Toilet Feces Cleanout



Prices start at $350 for one toilet cleanout.

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Although I advertise to Southern California toilet feces cleanout services, I will travel just about anywhere in California or Nevada for feces cleanup work. It depends on how much work is available as well as the money involved. I will also travel to Nevada as a have in the past. Note, in those buildings that do not have a working sanitary sewer, a place for the feces to flow once toilets are cleared, my feces cleanup prices will go up considerably. It's because I must treat it and haul it off if asked to do so and I must charge much more money.

Here's some examples of what I find when working on toilet feces cleanout:

  • Toilets filled to the brim with feces and toilet paper as a result of an elderly, live alone female that inadvertently causes a toilet to plug. Because she has no skill that using the toilet plunger even if she has a toilet plunger, she does not work an employee in the toilet. And she continues using the toilet because she's too embarrassed to call a plumber. Even when the toilet user calls a plumber, she finds that plumbers will not work on her toilet.
  • Toilets filled to the brim come to my attention when an absentee homeowner discovers that a homeless population, squatters, have lived in the home for some time and filled the toilets. Neither electricity nor water were available and as a result the toilets were not flushed. But then again, sometimes there is water available to flush the toilet, but the invaders are inclined to vandalize the home in any case. So the toilet suffer become filled with human feces.
  • A mentally ill person continues using the toilet about flushing it and eventually the toilet becomes full of feces. As a result the toilet can no longer be flushed without causing backup and overflow onto the floor below. Many times of toilet has overflowed. Plumbers of course will not cleanup the mess and families are called upon to seek help.
  • Drug and or alcohol abuse lead to abusing a toilet or toilets. I once did a toilet cleanup in Los Angeles County for a one time movie actor who had used drugs and alcohol following is release from the movie industry. He later committed suicide. Besides the suicide cleanup, I was hired to do the toilet feces cleanup work.
  • A one time actor had also filled one kidney shape bathtub with feces, alcohol bottles, and hypodermic needles. Toilet paper, magazine paper, newspaper were also in the bathtub. Needless to say, the family wanted nothing to do with the home. They hired a real estate agent to see to the management of the cleanup. I was also hired to do hoarding cleanup. I charged $1100 to clean out the bathtub and a total of $600 to clean out a pair of feces field toilets.
  • A more common toilet feces cleanout occurs when tree roots invade a building sanitary sewer and toilets backup as a result. The toilets will overflow. Toilets were no longer flush in the floor below must be cleaned before plumbers will enter for the work. Sometimes sewage will have leaked below the bathroom requiring a sewage cleanup.

One of the advantages of doing feces cleanup work of any type in Southern California is the weather. We have a Mediterranean light climate and even in the winter months we really have freezing temperatures.


Southern California Toilet Feces Cleanup Service

What I do:

  • I arrive on time 99% of the time. I do this by leaving very early in the morning before rush hour traffic clogs the freeways.
  • I remove feces if the sanitary sewer system does not work. However, I must charge additional fees for this service. It goes best when the toilet actually works.
  • I scrub and rinse once soiled toilets and then disinfect.
  • I clean the surrounding floor and remove paper debris.
  • I also remove feces from bathtubs. See my below comments for more on bathtub feces cleanup.


Fees for Southern California Toilet Feces Cleanout

Not many people know about the need for a toilet feces cleanout service. And it comes as a shock to them to discover that it cost as much as $350 just to begin the toilet feces cleanout. Think of it this way, there's not much demand for a toilet feces cleanout service. So it's kind of like the same situation that exists for a fire department. We pay our taxes just to keep the fire department Houston ready to go to work. In my case, you pay for a service them most of the people will not do. In fact, most people do not even like the thought of feces cleanout for a toilet.

Think of a social stigma attached to feces cleanup work. It is great and it always has been. Now, and other societies and cultures, the use of human feces for fertilizer is common and it's called "night soil" in many places. Most commonly in North Korea these days human feces is used as night soil. Without it I'm sure more North Koreans would starve. In any case in our society and culture there's a social stigma attached to feces cleanup. You might say that I "laugh all the way to the bank," or that like most people, you might say something like "how can he do that?".

  • Toilet feces cleanout $350 cash,
  • Bathtub feces cleanout $10-$900 and up for some bathtubs
  • Buckets filled with feces have a minimum fee of $50 per 5 gallon pail when it must be removed from the premises,
  • Discarding soiled bedding usually runs about $10 per 30 gallon plastic bag, which is quite cheap considering,

Below I list the conditions that can add to the overall cost of a toilet feces cleanout service for Southern California:

  1. Do you have parking near the building?
  2. Do you have cash?
  3. Do you have preferred hours for cleaning?
  4. Is a backyard available? I ask this because sometimes I need to move equipment and sometimes toilets to the outdoors for preparation.
  5. Is the building occupied? If occupied, our pets in the house or building?
  6. Is the water working?
  7. Is the electricity working?

Bathtub Feces Cleanup Prices ($100 - $900 and up) - I charge for removing feces from bathtubs when hired to do a toilet cleanout. I say this because sometimes people think that just because I'm being paid $350 for toilet cleanup, I might spend a few minutes cleanup feces from a bathtub. Sometimes I will do so as a courtesy. And at other times it will not do so. It all depends on how I feel in the overall conditions. Put another way, if I had to drive a long way and begin work late in the day, and there's no running water or electricity, I will not feel like doing additional work for free.

  • $10 for minor bathtub feces contamination.
    This means that if you asked me to clean feces out of a bathtub and it's of no great significance, which may or may not include underwear or other garments as well as paper, you can expect to spend at least $10. I will not do it for free.
  • $100-$900 (and up) for bathtub feces cleanup. Where the feces is a significant amount, meaning it's an inch or more deep, you can count on paying at least $100. Where it is a number of inches deep, expect to pay hundreds more. Where a bathtub is filled with human feces, count on spending a minimum of $900. If you pay only $900 for a bathtub filled with human feces, consider yourself lucky. Other companies charge $1500 $2000 and much more.
  • I cannot quote a price for a toilet or bathtub feces cleanout that requires I extract the feces and take it with me. Not only must I do the work involved, I must make a special trip for special chemicals to treat the feces before removing it from the premises. I must then find a way of safely and properly disposing of the feces. This all costs time and money.
  • I do not remove bathtubs but I do remove toilets for an additional fee.


Partially or Filled Bathtub

It's hard to imagine somebody filling a toilet with feces and then ignoring it and using 5 gallon pails from Home Depot to collective feces. But the truth is, it happens. Otherwise this website wouldn't be here. It seems almost incomprehensible that anyone would fill the bathtub with feces, but they do and it happens across our great nation frequently enough. I once trained a New York State biohazard cleanup practitioner. I taught her the skills of and knowledge required to do a bathtub feces cleanout. While doing a hoarding cleanup for the state, she came across the very large, antique toilet in very large antique bathtub. Both were filled with human feces. She charge 2000 for the bathtub. Unlike me, she charged $500 for the toilet feces cleanup as well. (return)

I was trained to do toilet feces cleanout for $500 per toilet. A plumber by the name of "Monty" at one time worked as a plumber with his father, who taught him the trade. Monty was a good guy, but he had a problem with drinking. He worked with me while we did natural stone grinding, honing, and polishing. As fate would have it, I received a call to do a hoarding cleanup because back in the day, I did a hoarding cleanup as well as homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. And that's how Monty broached the subject of toilet feces cleanup. The one hoarding cleanup that I shared with him needed to toilets cleaned of their feces because both were full.

It turned out that a lady had gone schizophrenic. She believed that stray dogs had cancer and she brought the dogs into her home. Over 20 years she brought in dogs and injected them with various chemicals. She let the dog poop build over the decades in place the Los Angeles Times newspaper pages the top it.

She also used her toilets without flushing them. It was green moss growing on the top of both and over the sides of both. I soon learned that I did not charge enough for this job. Thanks to Monty, I picked up another $1000 for cleaning out both toilets. Monty told me that it would be best if I charge $500 per toilet because that's what he and his father did. Since that time I drop my price down to $350 for the first toilet and given consideration to reducing the price for the second toilet, depending on overall conditions.

The issue of a bathtub feces cleanout service came to mind when a San Diego County aparment management called for help. They needed to remove feces from a toilet; they had a schizophrenic renter using the toilet even after it would no longer flush. He filled up the toilet and then went to the bathtub. He filled both. By the time they found the problem the floor in the bathroom is covered with human feces besides having toilet bathtub full of feces. The problem came to their attention one afternoon when the man sat in front of his apartment completely naked. He was covered in feces. It didn't take long to put two and two together and search the apartment. Because I'm a biohazard cleanup practitioner they found me.

In those days I knew what to charge for the toilet, but I did not know what to charge for the bathtub. So I charge $900 for the bathtub and that they paid. I now see that it is a fair price. Call me though, because if there's a toilet involved in the both go well, I may be able to reduce the price, but I cannot promise anything at this point.







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Prices in short

  1. One Toilet Feces Cleanout: $350
  2. Two Toilet Feces Cleanouts: $500 - $600
  3. Bathtube Feces Cleanout: $10 - $900 (and up depending)
  4. Five gallon pail feces cleanup: $40 (may vary)
  5. Feces soiled carpet: $100 per room (when part of cleanup)

Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardinao County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield

My toilet feces cleanout prices begin at $350 per toilet, cash. A second toilet will cost less if certain conditions are met, such as running water, electricity, and more. Read about my "conditions" below.