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"Without decentralizing the sources of power, energy, we can never hope for a truly Green Society."



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Affordable Housing

Mobile Home Park Extinction

Animals, Domestic Abuse

Abandonment of domestic animals has little to no baring on human affairs overall. In some situation we will find animals in the wild at risk from abandoned animals.

Abandoned puppies captured before the worst arrived for street animals. Also, note the producers' use of language in an anthropocentric manner. We have no way to know in this or other animal relationships how far their emotional bonds overcome hunger, fear, and more. Nevertheless, it's green information the context of individual and social responsibly to care for domestic animals; otherwise, they best remain among the potentialities of existence and nothing more.

Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb


Art, a rendering of human and nonhuman nature. Ecology has a long history in human art, from the beginning. Species-populations in the world became art objects in sand, on walls, and in words as graphics and words recreated the complexities of species-populations in the wild.

Art, the finest art, poetry, reproduced the fauna of flora of native people from the beginning as they added to their daily art and their growing knowledge of ecology.

Maldives joining the waves -

Climate Change - Note that I'm now avoiding the used of the term scientist. For two long the majority of us looked up too high for "science." It's in our hands and minds. So I'm using "researcher" instead. We all need to do research whenever possible. This way living in a Green World means that we all do real science with accepted methods.

Climate Change Network - A web site dedicated to climate change information.

Antarctic Glacier Melt - - "Unequivocal findings" by research into ice melt along the Antarctic's western edge found something like the following: researchers studying Antarctic ice shelves in 1994 continued through 2003. An increase from 1994's glacier emlt at 16 square miles increased to a loss of 2003 miles in 2003. That's equivalent to 193 square miles of ice loss on track for each year into the future, minimum, given current conditions. Originally found in Science, an article appeared here: on March 29, 2015


Climate Change: Marshall Islands - - a U.S. Nuclear Waste Dump Now Is in Danger of Rising Sea

Sea Levels Rising More Rapidly than Thought -

Starving Sea Lions on California Coast

Director of Centers for Disease Control speaks about U.S. Ebola patient, investigation

Education - Flashcards, free Quizlet

End of Partisan Divide over Climate Change The - More than a little late and what price must the future pay for this change of mind?

Exploding permafrost Siberian methane Youtube video

Marshal Islands going to court over nukes.

Electoral Politics

Mayday US explores possibilities and opportunities to free US electoral politics from money control over elections.



Jobs -

"System D," the world's unlicensed economic network created and creates millions of jobs.

Global Warming - We could have imagined something like global warming from the facts at hand. By the 1950's we could see the smog grow each summer day. Once clear skies and mountains visible from Los Angeles and Orange County beaches disappeared behind a blanket of auto exhaust. By the 1960's this picture became more dramatic.

Flotsam on our oceans appeared. Plastic floated to the middle of the pacific. There, it became a topic for wonder. "Way out there" we would say. Now, "Way out there" means hundreds of tons of plastic poison hundreds of square miles of ocean. Species suffer.

Young minds left at ease during long, hot summer days might imagine the coming catastrophic changes to their planet. An easy talk conversation about "floating plastic bottles" in the mid-Pacific Ocean might conjure up a suspicion that today's nightmare would became inevitable. At least inevitable considering the mad growth without care around the Earth.

NASA's pictures of human wrought global change. 15 before-and-after images that show how we're transforming the planet - -

Ocean Acidification - Acidification of oceans increases along with global warming gasses.

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Green Writing Information

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Fukushima: The worst yet to come?

This video in its entirety reminds me of Fox News and the caliber of its information. I'm not comfortable positing this link, in short. If it's truly this terrible, we should receive weekly if not daily news update from corporate and government media, considering the potentials. Oceans Of The Dead (WHAT YOU ARN'T BEING TOLD) -- Then again, corporate and government information sources have a sordid past. Eddie Evans - 173d Airborne Infantry Brigade, Alpha, 1st of the 503rd Infantry Battalion.



Urine for Fertilizer

Police - Note, I'm not currently following police shootings of unarmed people, like unarmed black males. We're more than aware of bigotry and racism in the ranks of our police departments. It exists throughout our society and culture. I'll get to links when time permits.

Richmond Police Chief


prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity | March 16, 2015 at 5:38 pm | Tags: article, Ashker v Brown, California Families Against Solitary Confinement, CCR, Center for Constitutional Rights, CFASC, class action lawsuit, Daily Beast, Dolores Canales, expert witness, human-rights, hunger strike, indefinite solitary confinement, isolation, jailhouse lawyer, Juan Mendez, Judge Claudia Wilken, Laura Rovner, Pelican Bay State Prison, prolonged solitary confinement, psychological damage, report, Sarah Shourd, Security Housing Unit, SHU, solitary confinement, torture, U.S. State Department, UN committee on Torture, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, unconstituional, windowless cell | Categories: Press Release, Update | URL:

San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputites seen beating an kicking a horseback riding suspect. It's right out of old west. "Ten officers were placed on paid administrative leave Friday after a video surfaced showing them beating and kicking a suspected horse thief. "


SOON: Tiny House Living - Tiny house living allows sustainable living, mobility, and community building using consensus around a commons. Don't care for your neighbors, commons, weather? Move. Isanti County News - Tiny House Nation


Outside-in - Most sustainable building?

Technological Fixes

Carb Fix

Here's work toward creating calcite to sequester CO2 in mineral form. Combining water and CO2, injecting same into volcanic basaltic appears to create the conditions for calcite production; hence, sequestered CO2. " In short, she wanted to see if the gas had turned to stone. "

Japan explores beaming solar energy back to Earth from outer space. So what should a Green think about critically about such a technology? It's almost too easy to answer this question. Organized Green Information tells us that placing centralized source of energy in the hands of a few creates a centralized source of political and economic power, a ruling class. Without decentralizing the sources of power, energy, we can never hope for a truly Green Society. (return)

The Land Question

So many of our social problems go back to the land question it's impossible to write about today's conflicts without finding a thread to the land question, which dates back thousands of years.

I don't propose a technological fix to the land question. Although, certain technological innovations do lend themselves to land question issues.

Eco-powered Floating Home - A visit to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Asian countries tells me that homes on water will remain. Perhaps not doable for everyone, sometime in the future people may want to follow along a path similar this eco-powered floating home.


US Anal Torture

Turning Point

Global Warming Information (return)


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