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Poop Cleanup


Poop cleanup following a personal soiling does not create infectious waste. Poop cleanup following an infants poop soiling does not amount to an infectious material cleanup; however, blood in an infant's stool does create an infectious waste cleanup.

In fact, if an infant is in day care, a hospital, or other setting of care givers not of its immediate family, a bloody stool becomes biohazardous. By defaut, we consider any body fluids, including poop, as biohazardous, per the Center for Disease Control.

The last impression I wish to make involves EboIt is important to keep the Beaulieu perspective. At this moment Ebola has killed one patient and when US hospital, and overnight a report of a patient entrance into a Hollywood hospital mentioned Ebola like symptoms. Otherwise we remain safe from Ebola for the moment. Just the same, if and when Ebola does become a threat on the American continent, then poop cleanup does becomes biohazard cleanup. Unlike other biohazardous conditions in poop, I blood and other body fluids emanating from an HIV or hepatitis C patient, Ebola fluids become biohazardous upon contact as currently understood on the date of October 9, 2014.










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