Los Angeles County Blood Cleanup Narrative

Blood loss related to Biohazard

Please note: if you choose to use Paypal for blood cleanup payment, I may ask for a "qualifying down payment" of $50 to $100.

As Los Angeles County blood cleanup task goes, we create a mental picture of blood soiled scenes as quickly as possible. By doing so we make estimates of the Blood debris field, where the biohazardous and other materials might have spread. Our use of tools and chemicals follows from our mental picture.

A victim down for over 72 hours or so develops decontamination issues. Flies, maggots, rodents, and other animal life may add to cleaning tasks. Our mental picture takes in this information as we make estimates if work to follow, time to complete work, materials needed, and possible damage to the building and its furnishings.

A death scene may have more variations in its degree of damage than other types of violent death. Let me explain these.

Type 1, type 2, and type 3 represent the degrees of exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials. Blood types tend to fall within types 2 and 3, but type 1 cleanups are not uncommon. Los Angeles County homicides tend toward type 3 cleaning exclusively. Unaccompanied deaths and decomposition tend toward type 3 cleaning, too.
Type 3 Los Angeles County cleaning represents the first stage of cleaning. Here we have the greatest exposure to hazards, seen and not seen. Here blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) may contaminate large areas and have found their way into hard to reach areas.
Type 2 Los Angeles County cleaning represents serious, but much less hazardous cleaning conditions than type 3 cleaning. Type 1 cleaning requires some thought to moving about and cleaning, but cannot compare with types 2 and 3.


Our mental picture of the room tells us on the spot what type of risks could be involved, 1, 2, or 3. Wet, moist, or dry blood will tell us the scope and amount of labor involved. The blood cleanup will also tell us about what may go beyond the visible.

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Los Angeles County's Bathroom Floors

Bathroom Floor with Vinyl Floor Covering over Concrete

Crime Scene Cleanup's link partners reflect much attention to bathrooms. To understand this concern, consider that many unattended deaths occur by heart attack in the early morning hours. Often these death scenes occur in a bathroom. Heart attack victims often die on the toilet while forcing their bowel movements.

Left unattended for days, weeks, and months, the surrounding area becomes habitat to insects and bacteria. Within a few days blood flow leads to the toilet, cabinets, and walls in the worse cases.

In a Los Angeles County bathroom with a vinyl floor covering, blood may have reached cracked grout surrounding a toilet. In this case the toilet must come off. Perhaps blood reached a wall. In this case the baseboard comes off for inspection if not destruction. Maybe the blood wicked upward into the wall's drywall. If so, cutting a 6 inch by 18 inch piece from the drywall will expose the extent of wicking.

Blood wicking up a drywall will not travel far unless polluted by other fluids, like water or alcoholic beverages.


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Concrete Floor

A Los Angeles County concrete floor stained by migrating blood tends to absorb blood just like water, although much more slowly. Blood platelets should not penetrate far into concrete. A good scrub with a strong detergent often dislodges blood.


If the cleaners needs to create color loss, then a strong solution of bleach should follow. Attention to the strength of bleach is important. Too strong a solution may burn the cleaner's eye's and throat, and more. Bleach may be applied by hand sprayer (the best approach), bucket, or other utensil. Letting the bleach solution dwell long enough replaces the need for a strong solution. The center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a 1:10 part of bleach to water. Neutralize the bleached floor with plain cold water.


Vinyl Flooring

A wood or concrete floor saturated by blood and covered by vinyl or other floor coverings, carpet and carpet padding, leads to unseen problems. For blood to reach beyond a vinyl covering, the blood must reach a crack, crevice, or seam in the vinyl.

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Double Vinyl Blood Encroachment

A Los Angeles County vinyl floor placed over an existing vinyl creates unique seal wrap-like conditions for keeping blood moist. Blood trapped between vinyl flooring fails to dry and coagulate for over two weeks in some buildings. When this occurs other fluid may have added to the invading blood.

Older apartment bathroom floors may have two layers of vinyl over wood or concrete. Under the worst conditions blood seeps between the two vinyl layers.

An adjoining wall's seam will serve for blood's encroachment between vinyl layers. If the floor happens to tilt or recedes in the exposed ingress area, blood may seep between layers.

Once blood reaches this gateway between vinyl layers, it may continue along with the gravitational pull and the incline of the floor. The blood's spread will depend upon the above as well as the amount of glue, if any, between the two vinyl surfaces. This condition rarely develops into a large contamination of the subfloor vinyl. Removal of a 2X2 foot square in the ingress area exposes the extent of blood's contamination.

Whenever cleaning blood from vinyl floors avoid using large quantities of water or solution. An unintentional wider contamination may develop by water's flow carrying blood with it.

When blood does contaminate a wide area between vinyl layers, it occurs because of poor glue patterns or water flow with the blood or both. The water flow occurs because of the following:

  1. Cleaner used too much solution.
  2. Water damage occurred during death process.
  3. Water damage occurred prior too or after death process.

Wood Floor Demolition

Wood floor seams and walls soaked by blood may require demolition. Time given to "saving" a floor entails cleaning, disinfecting, and sanding the soiled wood. Sawdust captured becomes biowaste. A decision to demolish a floor follows after its contents reveal too much blood and OPIM for sanding and sealing against odors.

Rarely does an entire floor need replacing. Multiple homicides and suicides may cause conditions for replacing an entire, but exceptions to the rule.

Polyurethane and wax often protect wood from blood's soiling. Older floors soiled by blood remain protected by maintenance in many cases. Any floor with poor maintenance becomes vulnerable to blood's soiling.

Cutting the blood soiled area of a wood floor begins about 6 inches beyond the blood's appearance. Once removed the newly opened hole in the floor will expose the extent of blood's contamination. If the blood's contamination moves beyond line-of-sight testing range, then more floor must come out. This continues until all areas test free of blood. Usually areas absent blood, but near blood's soiling, receive a coat of Kilz or Zinnsser sealing.

With the mental image captured when first entering the blood scene, knowledge of the above possibilities informs our work.

More information found at Eddie Evans Biohazard Cleanup and may help those with more interest in this field of blood cleanup. It needs repeating, always take your time when working around exposed blood or sharps.

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Fighting white-collar crime in Los Angeles County's blood cleanup services

Ed Evans wrote this page as both a business project and educational resource. It goes beyond Los Angeles County blood cleanup education, though. This page has a white-collar crime fighting purpose for Los Angeles County residents and businesses, too. In biohazard cleanup there are many people involved in fraud. In Orange County, California, our county employees commit fraud. They misdirect homicide victim's families to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. They do the same to suicide victim's families too. Then there are those families forced to the coroner's department to identify family members who decomposed because of decomposition following an unattended (unaccompanied) death.


We find the same crime in our Orange County Administrator's offices. Ed Evans recently uncovered a plot in time to save a homicide victim's family from an administrator's employee. Tap the following FRAUD to see for yourself: FRAUD. He was going to use an insurance company for a simple, 1 hour blood cleanup job. Pretty amazing stuff, considering these people get paid by tax payers, and then turn around and, figuratively speaking, perform a blood cleanup on victim's families.

By any other name it's Orange County Consumer Fraud, or by another name it's Orange County Fraud. As a consequence consumers of blood cleanup services in Orange County pay more, much more for blood cleanup. As a result of this fraud I added Orange County Government Fraud.

Bellflower once served as an important link in the Pacific Electric Railroad's transportation system. From Bellflower residents found fast, affordable, mass transit to Santa Monica, Pomona, Garden Grove, and many other Los Angeles basin cities. These small trains served well, but as time passed and oil became an important commodity too big to ignore,

Standard Oil, Firestone, and General Motors bought them out. In their place diesel burning, rubber using General Motors' buses came to serve in their place. Today buses continue to move tens of thousands of people throughout California and beyond. More importantly, the automobile soon followed buses as the Pacific Electric Railroad slowly faded into a distant memory, out of sight, out of mind.

At one time Bellflower supported to large-sceen movie theaters. Both theaters served many thousands of residents over the years as they flocked to see the new wonders presented by

Agoura Hills comes to mind when thinking about Agoura, which we find about 47 miles from Los Angeles City. Although blood cleanup in this area does not fall within my activities, I'd like it to.

What happens before Agoura or Agoura Hills residents reach the Internet, they receive directions from Los Angeles County employees to seek blood cleanup elsewhere, which means, use their selected companies. In return, they receive a lot of money, as much as 10 %, or $500 for a $5,000 cleanup. That's some serious money when you figure it goes on week after week all year long.

Coroner employees and County Administrator employess (public guardians) reap most of these privileged cleanup. When it comes to insurance money, they get a big chunk of it. I'd be satisifed for less than $1,000 for work they charge $5,000 and even more.

A city with nearly as many horses as people, Bradbury lies about 21 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. It might come as a surprise to some people that Burbank hosts Warner Brothers Studios.

Burbank also houses a nifty airport and has done so since the 1930s. Only 13 miles from downtown Los Angeles, it once belonged to a retired Spanish solder in 1784. which a dentist turned subdivider created conditions for subdivision developement. His name, Dr. David Burbank. Glendale and Pasadena serve as adjacent cities to Burbank.

Calabasas became a way station for Franciscan padres after 1779. Traveling along El Camino Real to and from Ventura and northern missions, their resting places in Calabasas were about 26 miles from downtown. We used to call Carson " Rancho Dominguez" Once shaped by its ranching, trucking, and oil interests, Carson gained its name because residents preferred to name their home range after an earlier resident, George Carson, a pioneer of the 1850s.
Claremont boasts over 240 acres of parks and resides about 29 miles east of downtown LA.

At the foot of the lower foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, it once gained its fame from beautiful, lush citrus groves, Deciduous trees and wraparound poarches remain a hallmark of this pleasant community. In 1938 corrupt officials were forced from office in a recall election. I suppose this might work in Orange County, California if one were to become serious about ending Orange County Corruption.

Our City of Commerce serves as an apex for the Santa Ana and Long Beach Freeways, about 7 miles from downtown LA. Just look for the Santa Fe Railroad's main line and you'll find our City of Industry. Compton also lies along a railroad, our Los Angeles -- San Pedro Railroad, the first rail lin in our region. Once owned by the Dominguez family, this city's named derived from a temperance minister and founder of its local college. An artesian well found in Compton aided its 36 cent an acre faming community. The World War II turned this area into a growing boomtown.

Covina Cudahy
Culver City
Diamond Bar. Then Downey received its name from its geographic father, John Gately Downey. Downey made his fortune from the one drug store he owned, which happened to be the only drug store between San Francisco and San Diego. He arrived in Los Angeles as a poor 15-year-old and before age 32 became governor of Californa by appointment.

He would later later subdivide Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs. Before long he owned a large share of a gold mine that yielded $25,000,000. Downey has a bigger-than-life founder. I'm pround to say that once, just once, I did a homicide blood cleanup in Downey. Only one means there's corruption in LA's Sheriff-Coroner and County Administrator's departments.

Hawaiian Gardens exists as a casino city next to the 605 Freeway. This 1-square-mile city found some 18 miles from downtown LA became incorporated in 1964. My interest includes one tripple homicide cleanup in the year of 2010. I received this from a victim's program with a maximum fee, which was OK because something's better than nothing.

A young man killed a grandfather, a grandmother, thie 1 son, and then wounded two others early one morning. Apparenty, this shooter had fathered a child by his victim's daugher. The family could see this louse lead to no good, so he became a problem for them. Before he broke into their home before killing them with an AK-47 assualt rifle, he tried setting fire to their home.

Beginning with A for Azusa and working our way to W for Westlake Village,

We find Los Angeles County as well as the broader Southern California area has a rich history. We know that by the time the Spanish explorer Portola reached Southern California in 1759, the Native Americans lived successfully among the local canyon flora and fauna for thousands of years. It was Henry Dalon who would add the gringo version of "civilization to the Los Angeles County basin. He arrived from Italy and brought honeybees with him. Although honeybees are no longer is bountiful as they once were in the Los Angeles basin, they still remind us of times past and the possibility of a organic and ecological future.

Because the bees are such great pollinators, it was easy for future generations to grow fruit trees and flowers.

Bellflower for example, became an important link for the transfer of foodstuff as well as people as the Pacific electric railroads transportation system wound its way from Santa Monica through Pomona and then to Garden Grove and the Whittier area. The small train successfully moved produce and other commodities as well as people. Then, as if a nightmare were to begin, the three giant corporations known as standard oil, Firestone, General Motors remove these wonderful red cars. They simply bought out their ownership. Why, so that the corporations could sell more buses and thereby more rubber, fuel, and bus coaches. Naturally the automobile would follow quite rapidly.

Today we find that in the city of Hollywood Starstruck visitors from out-of-state gawk at "Tinseltown" sidewalks and multimillion dollar mansions. This is the city that would lead the world in telling stories and film and video and now on the Internet.

Cerritos - Downey - El Segundo - Glendale - Hawaiian Gardens - Hawthorne - Irwindale - lintridge - Long Beach - Los Angeles - Monterey Park - Norwalk - Pasadena - Redondo Beach - Rolling Hills -


Meanwhile, Signal Hilloffered more natural bounty in the form of oil production. Here, beyond the largest hill along Los Angeles County's coastline, oil producers, or should we say "oil reclaimers," learn to pump the crude oil from deep in mother Earth bowels. Before long the will would add to the growth of the automobiles present throughout Los Angeles County and the state of California. In South Gate Firestone would build an enormous factory and produce tires for both automobiles and trucks. These rubber products became essential during World War II to defeat fascism and Japanese imperialism. Other products like the famous self-sealing rubber fuel tank used in fighter aircraft help win the war. - - Vernon - Whittier

In Torrance, aircraft factories would begin to blossom as Howard Hughes and others built an aircraft industry unrivaled anywhere in the world. While neither the Germans nor the Japanese, let alone the Italians, could produce a handful of airplanes in any one month, American aircraft industries produce dozens of aircraft every day. By the end of the war, thousands of American aircraft flew the world skies. Blood cleanup on an unheard of scale followed as American fighter pilots and bomber pilots brought death and destruction to those who would enslave humanity.blank, aircraft factories would begin to blossom as Howard Hughes and others built an aircraft industry unrivaled anywhere in the world. While neither the Germans nor the Japanese, let alone the Italians, could produce a handful of airplanes in any one month, American aircraft industries produce dozens of aircraft every day. By the end of the war, thousands of American aircraft flew the world skies. Blood cleanup on an unheard of scale followed as American fighter pilots and bomber pilots brought death and destruction to those who would enslave humanity.

Only just now I added Los Angeles County tree trimming to my business activities. I also added Los Angeles County filthy house cleaning.

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Agoura Hills


wepeople, Bradbury lies that Burbank hosts Dr. David Burbank. Glendale and Pasadena serve

Calabasas became call Carson
" Rancho Dominguez"
Claremont boastsending Orange County Corruption. Our City of Commerce serves Long Beach Freeways,

Compton also

Covina Cudahy
Culver City
Diamond Bar
Downey received Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs

Hawaiian Gardens

Agoura Hills
Baldwin Park
Bell Gardens
Beverly Hills
I offer Cerritos unattended death cleanup
Culver City
Diamond Bar
El Monte
El Segundo
Hawaiian Gardens
Hermosa Beach
Hidden Hills
Huntington Park
La Cañada Flintridge
La Habra Heights
La Mirada
La Puente
La Verne
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Manhattan Beach
Monterey Park
Palos Verdes Estates
Pico Rivera
Rancho Palos Verdes
Redondo Beach
Rolling Hills Estates
Rolling Hills
San Dimas
San Fernando
San Gabriel
San Marino
Santa Clarita
Santa Fe Springs
Santa Monica
Sierra Madre
Signal Hill has
South Gate

Stevenson Ranch
Temple City
Walnut remains


Walnut Park
West Covina
West Hollywood receives

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